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Friday, November 12, 2010

Information warrior still turning up hidden gems

Photo:Steve Christo-Roden left.
Excuse the segue-but I expect quite a few readers will recall David Roden who did a terrific job as the first and only Director of the Freedom of Information Unit in the Premier's Department 1988-1991. Roden was responsible for getting FOI up, running, and off to a positive start in NSW, before the Unit was disbanded and a long leadership drought at the centre of government, only recently broken, ensued. He went on to occupy senior positions in the Department. Now retired, Roden is a volunteer war memorial spotter, aiming to catalogue Australia's many and varied memorials and the names that appear on them. He featured in "Tributes hidden but not forgotten" by John Huxley in the Sydney Morning Herald on Remembrance Day.

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