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Saturday, October 23, 2010

NZ red books published; red faces anyone?

Anonymous, without even trying to rub any local noses in claims about our open government practices, has brought to attention the New Zealand Government webpage containing the set of briefings for incoming ministers published in December 2008. There might be a difference in content-the briefing released publicly for the Prime Minister is straight down the line about the department with little about issues that need to be addressed, although the couple of others that I looked at contain more along these lines- but Anonymous has made the point without the slightest hint of the hype that sometimes crops up in making trans tasman comparisons. Anonymous could have but didn't also refer to the NZ practice of publishing (admittedly selectively) cabinet documents, for example this recent paper summarising  climate change initiatives and proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector, or other papers identified in this google search. Thanks Anonymous-whatever side of the ditch you are on.

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