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Monday, July 27, 2009

Lobbyists and anti-corruption in the news

As The Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference opens in Brisbane, influence peddlers are under the spotlight in Queensland also following the Nuttall case, with the Premier looking for ways to ban or ensure public disclosure of success fees and this call for further lobbying reforms. In Victoria despite an election commitment by Labor in 2006 to set up a register of lobbyists, no register has been mandated and no public disclosure of lobbyists' identities is required. The Australian reported last week that former Labor MPs, ministers and staffers make up the bulk of Melbourne's thriving lobbying community. In South Australia it's the same- no government interest in a register or an anti-corruption body.With Tasmania announcing plans to establish an anti-corruption commission, Victoria and SA stand alone against the idea. Nothing unseemly happens in those neck of the woods.

Former NSW Premier Nick Greiner discussed the value of the ICAC which he established 20 years ago on the National Interest yesterday, and still remains positive despite the fact that he was forced to resign after the Commission wrongly made findings against him over a government appointment.

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