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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whistleblowers protection.

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs has released its report on whistleblowers protection- the report and a podcast of the media conference today are here. Positive responses to the spirit and comprehensive nature of the proposed scheme, to be under the wing of the Ombudsman, which Dr AJ Brown of Griffith University and the Whistle While They Work Project said at the media conference today had the potential to lead to world's best practice legislation. I'll have a comment after a chance to have a read. I see some disappointment already expressed about the recommendation that protections only apply to passing information to the media related to public health and safety, and then only after reporting through public service channels.


  1. amphibious7:25 pm

    Dreyfus has striven mightily and delivered a dead mouse.
    Why would one expect otherwise?
    It is not in the interest of rulers to allow, let along encourage scrutiny.

  2. It's all relative- more than a dead mouse,it's in the ball-park of pretty good and better than anything else we have been able to produce to date.I know the media disclosure option won't please everyone but in this respect it goes further than any existing Australian law except NSW-a law so bogged down in complexity that it shouldn't be regarded as the exemplar.Dreyfus deserves a tick for getting the fundamentals close to right.Unfortunately we're probably still years away from a working scheme that delivers results.As the report notes culture change is at the heart of this and our credentials in that department are'nt too flash.The debate is still on about the details rather than concluded with the tabling of the report.