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Monday, February 16, 2009

Conference calls.

After a long period of little happening around the country on the conference front, suddenly two announced in the last few days.

An ad in The Weekend Australian gave some details of Australia's Right to Know Freedom of Speech Conference in Sydney on 24 March, featuring Minister Faulkner, John Hartigan of News Ltd, and others including a Q&A with Tony Jones."Join Australia's leading academics, lawyers, journalists, politicians and public servants for an important debate on our freedom of speech" it says. See or call Dina on 02 9775 7000.

Then in Tasmania the Environmental Defenders Office has a two day event on 6-7 April exploring issues concerning access to public information- A Privilege or a Right?- with David Solomon, Rick Snell and others. They are calling for papers, so content is still something of a work in progress and want the conference to provide input to the Tasmanian review of the FOI Act.

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