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Monday, May 19, 2008

Haneef detention-1300 documents and still counting

Dr Haneef's legal team did not come up empty handed after seeking documents under the Freedom of Information Act held about their client's detention- some 1300 pages of sometimes heavily edited documents were released, and Crikey has posted them on the web.(As it's a subscription service they may not last long on free content.) The lawyers are seeking an expedited hearing of an application for review of the decision to refuse access to some documents. As mentioned here recently, some documents were claimed to be exempt
"because disclosure "may jeopardise future investigations and discourage bureaucrats from giving frank advice to ministers". Maybe the first reason cuts some ice but the second is another of those chestnuts Mr Rudd and his ministers need to toss on the fire."
The documents released reveal weaknesses in Government claims made at the time and have been passed to the Inquiry into Dr Haneef's detention.

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