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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Federal action on lobbyists- good, but.........

Minister of State Faulkner yesterday announced the final version of the Government's proposals concerning the register of lobbyists and related matters such as the limitation on post separation lobbying by former ministers, staff and senior public servants.

The full details are on the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website

These reports in The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age highlight some of the changes since the draft proposal was floated, including the addition of lawyers to those required to register when representing a third party, and an exception for disclosure of the client where this may be market sensitive information, until the reason for sensitivity has passed. The Minister retains absolute authority to strike someone off the register but must now provide reasons.

I'm sticking with my comment in April when the draft was released, that this is progress but "light touch ", and a long way short of best practice, with Canada at the forefront.

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