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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Australians not so relaxed and comfortable about privacy

The fact that two out of three Australians approached by a television reporter last month were happy to divulge lots of personal information prompted us to ask “So who’s concerned about privacy”.

Well, according to a survey by Newspoll published in today’s Australian, 53% of us are worried about unauthorised use of credit and ATM cards and 56% are worried about unauthorised access to, or misuse of personal information.

I doubt if things have changed in a month but privacy according to this survey rates higher on our list of concerns than war, terrorism, bird flu or rising interest rates.

The Australian also reports the results of a 2006 Deloitte Global Security Survey that 78% of 150 leading banks and finance companies had a security breach in the last year, up from 26% in 2005. The Asia-Pacific region (that includes us) rated worst-in-class in several categories: only 15% of our institutions regarded information security as a senior management or board concern; only 33 % had a security strategy, and “none reported that they had the required skills to respond effectively to a threat”.

Relaxed and comfortable?

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