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Friday, March 13, 2015

The search for supporters of democratic values in NSW election

The St James Ethics Centre and The Sydney Morning Herald have launched the Politicians Pledge campaign to coincide with the New South Wales 2015 State Election.They are encouraging all candidates  to consider taking the pledge – a copy of which is included below and here to download.
"Those contending for election will seek to distinguish themselves from their opponents by focusing on contentious issues of party, ideology and policy. Our aim will be to do what we can to draw community attention to those things held in common that underpin the quality of our democracy."
In the pursuit of power, I will:
  • Act in good conscience;
  • Enable informed decision-making by my fellow citizens;
  • Respect the intrinsic dignity of all;
  • Refrain from exploiting my rivals' private failings for political gain; and
  • Act so as to merit the trust and respect of the community.
In the exercise of power, I will:
  • Give effect to the ideals of democratic government and represent the interests of my electorate as a whole;
  • Abide by the letter and spirit of the Constitution and uphold the rule of law;
  • Advance the public interest before any personal, sectional or partisan interest;
  • Hold myself accountable for conduct for which I am responsible; and
  • Exercise the privileges and discharge the duties of public office with dignity, care and honour.
Like the Fizgerald Principles that received attention in Queensland, they appear remarkably unchallenging.

See the list (and the Moir cartoon) of those who have signed so far- mostly independents, Greens and one Liberal Party candidate.

Hopefully a companion piece soon listing those that refuse?

My local sitting member, and a champion for transparency Alex Greenwich (Sydney) has signed.

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