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Friday, March 30, 2012

Australia and Open Government Partnership

Thanks to itnews for the news from the horse's mouth that Australia is still considering and consulting on this-as it has been saying for nine months or so. My source in Washington who told me we were out said that he got this from the Australian Embassy when he rang to seek clarification after hearing about Australia's position from other sources.

If we are luke-warm to cold on the idea of a commitment because we are already in good shape, I guess Mexico, the US and UK, all founding governments with reasonable records, might have said the same thing-but didn't.

 I'm a bit handicapped to contribute more as I'm on the way to Europe but two relevant posts from last year if you didn't see them: from September when I first raised our absence and this in October includes a link to Professor McMillan's response to questions asked at the time in Estimates by The Greens Senator Rhiannon. 

I'll be glad if my report turns out to be wrong-as I said in September, Australia should be proud to line up on this one.

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