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Monday, December 05, 2011

Your photocopier may be a treasure trove of personal information

Wikimedia commons Juan de Vojníkov
Oh brother-no free advertisement or aspersions intended.

Since CBS (US) News broadcast a wake up call in April 2010 about the stored information in digital photocopiers and the data security dangers when photocopiers are sold or discarded with images on the integrated hard drive intact, regulators and others have been flagging this as an important issue that deserves attention. The Australian Privacy Commissioner draws attention to the privacy principles regarding disclosure of personal information. In addition, because digital photocopiers and multi function printers save and store scanned images created in the process of making copies, scanning documents, emailing or sending faxes, businesses that offer photocopying or scanning services may be inadvertently collecting large amounts of personal information from their clients and any agency or organisation whose employees use office facilities to scan or copy personal information may be inadvertently accumulating and storing that information:
"Agencies and organisations that collect personal information, deliberately or inadvertently, may be subject to obligations under the Privacy Act in respect of the handling of that information."

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  1. Very important information. It's surprising to find out how such a little amount of people realizes that everything they copy or scan using a photocopier or a multi-printers actually saved in a dedicated hard drive.