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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who's on Tony Abbott's mailing list?

Not sure how widespread this was across the country but yesterday here, an out of the blue email from Tony Abbott, to which this reply this morning-will post any response:

Mr Abbott,
Your email received yesterday claiming dire consequences as a result of climate change legislation, and asking for a donation, is the first ever received from you, or in memory, from the NSW Liberal Party.

One, how did you/the NSW Liberal Party obtain our email address? It’s no secret, but we don’t appreciate what amounts to an unsolicited commercial message (your offer, in exchange, to hold the government to account), even from organisations that are exempt from the Spam Act.

Two, can you tell us why you think political parties should enjoy continued exemption from the Spam Act and the Privacy Act?  With regard to the latter, the party appears to collect, use and perhaps disclose personal information that is not subject to a right to inspect and amend if incorrect?

Three, just to show that you/the Liberal Party follow good privacy practices regardless, please forward whatever other personal information you or the party holds in data bases about Peter or Susan Timmins so we can check if it is correct and up to date.

Four, I’m appalled at your stand on the climate change issue and your overwhelming negativity on just about everything to do with addressing important issues that face the nation.

Five, please ensure we are removed from whatever mailing list you used, after you reply to One and Two and respond to Three. You no doubt have our street address and phone numbers.

Six, this has been sent also to our local member Malcolm Turnbull, who has our email address and sends constituents news from time to time.

Peter and Susan Timmins.

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  1. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Peter, You may want to also add a No. 7 to your list asking what made them think it was acceptable to use tracking technology in the email so that they could identify who opened the email and when. An appalling lack of respect for privacy has been shown by these clowns.