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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Heavy hand on heavy Freedom of Information users

Australian Freedom of information reforms in 2008/2009 saw the acts in three jurisdictions incorporate vexatious applicant provisions. The Commonwealth (s 89L), and Queensland (s114) conferred powers on the information commissioner, and NSW (s 110 ) on the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (restraining a person making unmeritorious applications.) 

I'm not aware of any declarations to date.

A new and different approach to use of FOI in Illinois, according to The Republic:
Government bodies could declare someone a "recurrent requester" for filing more than 50 FOIA requests in a year, 15 in a month or seven in seven days. They could take 21 business days — it's five days for others — to answer. Media, not-for-profit organizations and academics are exempt. Opponents say it hampers taxpayers' right to get public information. Gov. Pat Quinn's office did not immediately respond to a question about whether he'll sign the legislation.
When I was in the US earlier this year, one prominent member of the Washington community that keeps an eye on such things told me Illinois and Massachusetts ranked dead last on the open government scale. (Update-more here.)

Any numbers for individual heavy users on the local scene?

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