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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Transparency the order of the day for food hygiene

With the Sydney Morning Herald reporting that 140 food businesses have been added to the NSW register for breach of food hygiene standards in the last 30 days
"NSW Primary Industries Minister, Steve Whan said the name-and-shame list, maintained as a partnership between the state government and local councils, had proved an effective measure in raising hygiene standards. “The vast majority of Sydney and NSW businesses do the right thing and to protect these businesses and consumers we will continue to expose and prosecute those who flout the law,” he said. The NSW Food Authority recently began trials of a new ratings system, dubbed "scores on doors", which will give consumers a new level of clarity when choosing to patronise any of the state's 20,000 registered food outlets."
Hospitality magazine gives NSW a big tick for positive leadership in this field, queries why other states have been reluctant to out offenders (see Brisbane developments), and calls for a national approach.

A far cry in NSW from four years ago when attempts to force greater transparency about observance of standards were being staunchly resisted on privacy and other specious grounds.

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