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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FOI report lost in transmission in Queensland AGs office?

Government releases FOI access report is one of those headlines that attracts our attention, but it turned out to be an ABC report based on a Media Release by Queensland Attorney General Dick on the operation of the Freedom of Information Act for the period to 30 June last year. The act was repealed and replaced by the Right to Information Act from 1 July 2009.

(Correction: From here on the original post was off the mark. What was tabled in Parliament last week was the Attorney General's annual report on the operation of the act, not that of the Information Commissioner dated 11 September 2009, and tabled last October. The Attorney's Media Release didn't provide a link to the report, but with some digging, aided today by a reader, you can find it (2805 ) on the tabled papers website . I didn't look  there at the time,  its yet to be posted as a departmental publication, but is also now on the RTI website. The report isn't dated but the point about the slow process of tabling a report to 30 June 2009 on 23 August 2010 still stands.)

But still, we liked this assurance from the Attorney, and look forward to the comparative study that proves the point,  :
“Under the new laws introduced by the Bligh Government, Queensland is well and truly the most open and accountable government in Australia,” he said.
And to this year's annual report being made available sometime before August next year.

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