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Monday, May 17, 2010

Draft privacy reform legislation due "early in 2010"

Also in the Second Reading speech on the Freedom of Information Reform bills in the Senate last week, this indication of intention to proceed with legislation to shift personal information applications from FOI to privacy legislation, and to release draft privacy reform legislation "early in 2010". Time is passing.
While the Privacy Act 1988 largely regulates the handling of personal information by Commonwealth agencies, access to and correction of a person’s own information is currently enforced through the FOI Act. Around 85-90 percent of FOI requests annually are for personal information. The Government proposes to amend the Privacy Act so that it is the principal legislation which provides for an enforceable right of access to, and correction of, an individual’s own information. That proposal will be addressed in draft legislation covering broader reforms to the Privacy Act expected to be released for public comment early in 2010.
 Thanks to Open Australia for the link.

(Update and Correction: see this later post as to why it will now be later in the year.)

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