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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Moving FOI from horse and buggy to the Google age.

Rick Snell has posted his Public Service Informant/Canberra Times article on his research page

He proposes a new approach to better manage the flows of information in the interests of good government and a well informed public that could then participate more effectively in government processes. An access to government information regime for the Google age is there for the taking if political and public service leaders change the mindset from manning the barricades, to sensible information sharing to make optimal use of a valuable publicly financed resource-government information:
"Australia is at a critical juncture.Governments are committing to significant FoI reform. The dividends from more openness by way of effective governance, better internal development of FoI information management and policy development are waiting to be harvested. The first generation of FoI was mistreated, diluted and consigned to a marginal role. The hope is that a new generation of public service leadership will see the need for better information flows and sharing and that they will contribute constructively to the design and development of FoI version 2.0"

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