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Friday, October 10, 2008

Tassie democracy improvement plan not going quite to plan

The Mercury notes some backsliding regarding the basis for establishing an ethics commission in Tasmania, one element of Premier David Bartlett's 10 point plan to strengthen trust in democracy.
"If Labor does deliver its 10-point plan in full, it contains practical measures to improve transparency. It clarifies the relationship between police and ministers, provides protection for whistleblowers, improves Freedom of Information access and ensures better funding for the Ombudsman, DPP and Auditor-General......
Mr Bartlett's initial suggestion that a parliamentary committee decide the exact nature of the proposed ethics watchdog has now backfired. The Government's subsequent backdown has cast doubt on his often-stated commitment to openness and on the other aspects of his 10-point transparency plan."
Say it isn't so, Premier.

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  1. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Bartlett has stated he is a democratist, but can't have looked that up in the dictionary first. He is learning what it means as he goes along, first with his release of the plans for the ferry terminal which he must have known had no public/stakeholder input, and now with the education reforms which are being rammed through parliament, and which exclude parents from involvement in their children's further education. Yet parental involvement is supposed to be a key issue in keeping children at school. Where exactly is Bartlett heading? Perhaps he is using satellite navigation - this is not democracy!