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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

FOI delivers

How about this rash of Freedom of Information disclosures over the last week:
Banks turn to Future Fund for cheap cash
Police rosters handed to Liberals
Moral stance on executions under threat
Monash joins Royal Women's on RU486 prescription list
Property crash began last January, Treasury figures reveal
Adult Ed in crisis, say Libs
School computer plan may hit taxpayers
Superboat big secret: it was dull
Tiger Moth death mystery revived
Bad teachers back in class
Taxpayers to foot $6m toxic site bill
Brethren schools net $18m funding

Then, on a different level, there was the resignation of the Victorian local councillor, shall we say, exposed, through a Freedom of Information request as having submitted for reimbursement a receipt from a brothel in Canberra where he had been on, ahem, council business.

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