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Friday, February 09, 2007

National Access Card privacy concerns

There are just a few signs that concern about the Federal Government's National Access Card is on the rise.

There was plenty of comment in response to Peter Lalor's blog in The Australian on Wednesday. That paper's editorial on Thursday says the real concern is the database that will be created, and who will have access. Meanwhile Bill Gates was telling an IT security conference in San Francisco that looking forward, data security is the major challenge in providing technology that will protect identity, privacy and personal information.

Thursday's Daily Telegraph has the "helpful" comment from Attorney General Ruddock, that of course no guarantees can be given that a future government wont pass new legislation to change the card concept in some significant way. Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty chimed in that the "not an ID card" card is essential if we are to combat identity fraud.

The Australian Medical Association, the Australian Privacy Foundation (see What does the Government have to hide?) and others continue to express real concern about what we have seen from the Government so far.

The promised Senate Inquiry is the next step.

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