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Thursday, February 08, 2007

FOI officer- courage in the face of adversity

The series of articles in Thursday's Sydney Morning Herald about Macquarie University, were based on 2500 pages of documents released under the Freedom of Information Act. The Herald has posted some of the documents on the website - they make fascinating reading.

The documents reveal a major internal dispute between the University and the former Vice Chancellor and that some public servants still stand firm on what is right and proper.

Like the University's records manager Lachlan Morgan who stood up and took action when he found 125 boxes of records being removed at the direction of the former Vice Chancellor to her new office. Morgan said the boxes would contain University records and should not be loaded and taken away. And the current Vice Chancellor's Executive Officer who backed him up. Both then stuck to their guns in heated face to face discussions with the former Vice Chancellor.

We need public servants like this who call it as they see it and are prepared to speak truth to power.

Disclaimer - I know Lachlan Morgan and have done some work with Macquarie University but was not involved in this matter.

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