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Thursday, February 12, 2015

AAP: "FOI changes likely dead in the water"

Lisa Martin for AAP reports the move to abolish the Office of Australian Information Commissioner "appears doomed, leaving a Commonwealth agency in limbo." 
Not just any Commonwealth agency. 

It's the independent office established to oversight the implementation of the law that confers our right to access government information among other important functions.

Good government requires government support and funding for the OAIC to end the spell in limbo, pronto. 

Then discussion about how to improve efficiency and effectiveness in delivering open transparent and accountable government to a standard that makes a good government proud. 

The sort of discourse that would would follow a government decision to end uncertainty and over three years of dithering about whether Australia will join 64 other countries in the Open Government Partnership. 

Last November Finance Secretary Jane Halton told a senate committee that her department was doing 'quite a lot of work' on the required national action plan, should the government proceed to full participation.

That work, due to be finished in December 2014, wasn't informed by a dialogue with the citizenry, something you'd expect from a good government, but we live in hope.


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