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Monday, December 15, 2014

New call for more openness from former top public servant

Former head of Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Terry Moran delivering the 'Weary' Dunlop lecture last week (The Mandarin)
We are also at risk of forgetting the value of disinterested public service advice to government. No one seriously believes that the public sector should be the only source of advice to government — and I doubt it ever really was. Greater scrutiny and contestability of the advice that departments provide to their ministers would be a good thing and New Zealand demonstrates just how far greater openness can go without destroying the Westminster system of government.

Terry Moran delivering a speech while Secretary Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in 2009:
"The public service, Dr Shergold said, provides ministers, that is the executive government, with frank, fearless and robust policy advice — and it does so in a confidential manner. I believe, as does (predecessor) Peter, (Shergold) that the confidentiality of advice is critical to our ability to be professional."
Life long learning, a wonderful thing.

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