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Monday, May 20, 2013

Russia exits in OGP first

Toby McIntosh in Washington reports Russia has withdrawn from the Open Government Partnership.

"An official communication that it would drop out was received May 17, although it had signaled its intention several months ago and did not attend the ministerial meeting in London last month, according to OGP-connected sources. Russia’s letter of intent to join is dated April 17, 2012, but is the only document on the OGP website. A draft national action plan was prepared, but was never completed or submitted. Most other members who joined around that time have completed their plans. Russia’s withdrawal brings OGP membership to 57 countries. Russia is the only country to join and then leave."
(Update: See this analysis of the up and downside by Alexander Howard published at Global integrity.)

There's still plenty of good company there folks.

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