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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Deja vu: ALRC to look into privacy cause of action

I haven't tracked down the detail as yet, but after years of dithering and six months before a federal election will anyone be surprised that the whole idea of a statutory cause of action for breach of privacy-the subject of reams of anti-newsprint in News Ltd and other media self interested accounts- will as announced by Minister Conroy today
be referred to the Australian Law Reform Commission for detailed examination.
From whence it came with a recommendation in favour five years ago.

Supported by reports from the NSW and Victorian law reform commissions.

And by many of those who thought about the options and prepared a submission in response to the government's issues paper.

You've got to love them.

(Update: See a longer lament from Bruce Arnold of the University of Canberra on The Conversation.)

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