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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Polly perks: who to lead from 'clunky' to dynamic online world?

Email exchanges with my local member. Ask your Federal MP.
(And where to start with the states?)

Mr Turnbull's email:

 3 September 2012 
To: Turnbull, Malcolm (MP)
Subject: Transparency and probity
Mr Turnbull,
I would be happy to publish any comment you would like to make on this blogpost:
Peter Timmins

13 September
Thanks Peter, I agree the current system is pretty clunky  and hard to follow. I would have no problem were it to be upgraded to a dynamic online register of some kind. Regards.

13 September
Mr Turnbull, Thanks for your response. Any chance of a shift from "would have no problem were it to be" to "will propose and push for change to"?  Peter.

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