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Friday, September 10, 2010

VCAT to decide if spin is government business

The Age and The Australian both report on evidence given in Victorian and Civil Administration Tribunal proceedings to review the knock back by the Office of the Premier to a request by opposition scrutiny-of-government spokesman David Davis to obtain individual ministerial media plans under the Freedom of Information Act. Here was my less than hopeful comment in June on the issue of whether such a document is a minister's document as defined in the act, and a post two years ago on a related issue- whether the guest list for former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's New Years eve party came within the similar definition in the Commonwealth FOI act. VCAT's ruling is awaited with interest.

Evidence in the case confirms, if any was necessary, that more goes on in the cabinet room than weighty deliberation of the most important matters of state for which utmost confidentiality is vital and necessary. Weekly consideration of spin plans is also part of proceedings in Victoria, at least.

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