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Monday, June 15, 2009

Papers catch up from lavish quarters in HK

Just a couple of things from a quick browse of the papers at home.Peter van Onselen writing in The Weekend Australian thinks the arrival of Senator Joe Ludwig as Special Minister of State and Cabinet Secretary signals it's game up for much of Senator Faulkner's integrity in government agenda. I'd suggest we wait at least for a moment or two to see.

Buried away in the South Australian Budget were details of increased government charges of all sorts, according to including an increase in Freedom of Information application fees- the first time anyone has gone in that direction for quite some time.

And amid the FOI forced details of an expensive overseas trip by NSW Minister Joe Tripodi is the revelation that part of the journey was spent at "lavish accommodation" at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. Gulp, guilty your honour, I'm here too- but not at Australian taxpayers' expense. Nice place though, even if the global financial crisis and the dreaded flu seem to have wreaked havoc with the tourist trade. Even Joe could crack a discount at the moment.

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