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Friday, April 24, 2009

Open slather

Thought an experiment might be worth a try - an invitation to anyone to post a comment, opinion or observation, or raise an issue of interest or concern about any matters of likely interest to others who come here. Brevity (I know, not necessarily my best suit, but some of this stuff is complicated) and civility are the only rules. Just hit the comments button below - anonymous or otherwise your choice. Who knows where this might lead?

Update: Ok, ok it was Friday afternoon and you had a lot on, but we had a couple of readers chime in including Dissent from the US who asked what I thought was the number one privacy issue or concern here. I ventured a guess that ID theft and fraud were at the top of the list , with the general lack of appropriate sensitivity in government and business to privacy not far behind.Dissent put warrantless surveillance and Real ID (the push for authentication of drivers licences and related issues) at the top there. Any other thoughts welcome.

We'll try Open Slather and variants on the theme again from time to time.


  1. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Has anyone heard anything about the timetable in Queensland now the election is well past?

  2. On the Right To Information Bill, I assume- I haven't heard a word other than some real concern that the weighing of public interest factors relevant to access to internal working documents, as drafted in the Bill, might be a step backwards rather than forwards.As to action????

  3. Hi Peter,

    What do you see as the single biggest privacy issue or threat to privacy in your country these days? Is it the possibility of sharing patient's medical information or some other issue?

  4. Hmm,some ruminating on that one-I'll get back later today.

  5. Dissent,All the ruminating took place during a round of golf, as I saw your message just as I darted out the door on a beautiful Saturday morning,also Anzac Day here, the equivalent of Memorial Day. It didn't do much for my golf I'm afraid.The single biggest issue here would have to be ID theft and associated fraud.Lack of proper sensitivity to privacy related issues in governments and businesses would be high on the list as well. Medical and health information sharing is around but I don't think near the top of the list as yet. I'm not aware of recent research on public attitudes and concerns, but you have prompted me to have a look. Cheers.

  6. Interesting. I think I'd have to rank warrantless surveillance and relatedly, Real ID among the top concerns here. I think my compatriots may eventually come to realize that instead of electing a president who will roll back the abuses of the last administration, they have elected what I see as a Blue Dog Democrat who is actually defending some of the most egregious policies and programs.



  7. Anonymous10:49 am

    Of concern is The Hon Premier Rees' all-talk-and-no-action approach to Freedom of Information in the (almost) failed State of NSW.

  8. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Hmm, yes I am just catching up on your posts, I missed this at the time. One issue I don't see much coverage of here is Conroy's absurd and dangerous desire to censor the internet, which is definitely an issue about the free flow of information. And transparency.

  9. You're right- just have had to leave that one to others I'm afraid.