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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Australian Government ponders while UK looks to sharpen privacy regulator's powers

Nothing in the public domain so far, but the Federal Government has had the final report on the review of privacy laws by the Australian Law Reform Commission for six weeks, so no doubt lots of thinking behind the scenes about what to do about our weak, complex, confusing and unsatisfactory laws.

Meanwhile in the UK, consultations are underway on new, stronger powers for the Information Commissioner including powers to carry out compulsory inspections under warrant at premises suspected of a data breach; to set deadlines for information to be handed over; and to fine organisations that have breached a "good practice assessment".

Justice minister Michael Wills said in a statement: "We believe sharpening the information commissioner's teeth will enable him to be a stronger, more effective regulator.

"The way we use and protect information affects our ability to deliver better public services, opportunities for the most disadvantaged, improved protection from crime and terrorism and sustained economic well being. That's why we're launching this consultation."

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