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Thursday, March 22, 2007

NSW election campaign: FOI word passes Premier's lips

Hold the presses. Can we finally take down this sign?

According to Matthew Moore's "What they won't tell you" column in today's Sydney Morning Herald ("Election brings out the hollow best") NSW Premier Morris Iemma yesterday said:
"We support FOI".
As the headline indicates, the rest of the article outlines how hollow this claim is when compared to the Government's record, and yes, the quote from me taken from a previous post on this subject is accurate.

The Premier has announced a new "Social Policy - People First: Better Access to Government". The idea of new and improved web access to government information sounds great, but there's not a word here about content, in particular any intention to require greater pro active disclosure of information by government agencies.

In contrast The Greens picked up on the stories this week about government secrecy by detailing their policy for e-government that would extend web publication obligations.

There is no sign yet on the Liberal Party website of the Opposition policy "Raising the standards on open government" referred to in the Herald article.

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