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Friday, April 27, 2007

Press censorship report hard to find

"The Australian media is more restricted than it was 12 months ago, an annual report in to press freedom has found", and 19 areas in which the media's ability to report freely, apparently includes a limitation on access to information under freedom of information laws.

All this from a report "Freedom of press under attack from all sides, says report" in the Sydney Morning Herald about Official Spin: Censorship and Control of the Australian Press 2007 compiled by the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

But not a mention (according to my Google search) of any of this in any other media outlet to date. Could this be because the Alliance website includes no reference to the Report or where you can access it?

Maybe the Alliance needs a bit of help from the "spinmiesters" who know how to get an issue up and running in the media.

Update: The West Australian picked up this AAP report "Canberra has neutered FOI laws: union". And the Report was posted on the Alliance website sometime today.

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