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Monday, November 27, 2006

Warning bells about UK surveillance society echo here

Britain's Channel 4 aired an extraordinary documentary "Suspect Nation" last week. You can view the program (warning it is 47 minutes long but worth every special minute) via the Google video. Thanks to PogoWasRight for the lead.

This program outlines the extent to which surveillance in the UK and the US is changing the world in which we all live, from a focus on those suspected of wrong doing to a focus on each of us, going about our daily lives.

It points up the potential misuse of data collected about us and fatal flaws in mass surveillance technology.

Just about everything covered - CCTV, tracking movement of cars on tollways and people on public transport, motor vehicle registration identification, RFID, national "Identity Card" and electronic health records, biometric data on passports - is also happening in Australia as well.

The program called for a national debate in the UK about where all this is headed.

View this program and I'm sure you'll agree we need the same debate here.

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